Invite Raffle Contest

AVYC is in private sales now, all AVYC holders are in the whitelist, only the whitelist can mint in the private sales.
If you are AVYC holder, you can also invite your horny friend into the whitelist by using your invite link.

We are excited to have an invite contest now. Invite your friend to win.
1️⃣ All AVYC holders are eligible to join 
2️⃣ Mint 1 AVYC = 1 ticket
3️⃣ 1 AVYC minted under your referral code = 1 ticket

Prize: 3 ETH 💎 x 3 Winners 🏆🏆🏆

Raffle: A day before the public sales (about 2 weeks)
Requirement: 15% sales

You can send your invite link to your friend, your code will be associated to his wallet address when he enters the page and connects his wallet. 
You can check the number of mints belonging to your invite link.

Mint price 0.1Ξ

Invite your friend now. Good luck!

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