AVYC is a new NFT community initiative from AVGLE.
Every AVYC yields 10 $AVGL a day.

Whitelist private sale is ongoing, join our discord for more information.

If you are AVYC holder, you can invite your friend into the whitelist by using your invite code: Get your Invite Code here.



AVYC is a collection of 10,000  NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is an artistic photographic mosaic, programmatically generated randomly by 300k cover art thumbnails uploaded in avgle.com, composed of 69 legendary JAV stars.

The art of private memories and fantasy. 


AVYC has already acquired a 3x3 land (105, -15) in Sandbox. You will build a JAV park in the metaverse together with us.
That pool, magic mirror truck and famous scenes can be found in our park.
Every AVYC NFT can claim a JAV idol VX later, you can use it in the metaverse.
In the park, $AVGL will be accepted for playing games. Win and become the leading role of JAV in the metaverse.



$AVGL sits at the core of everything in the AVYC universe. As the universe grows more utility will be added. $AVGL that lets us fuel our ecosystem the TRUE way, on the blockchain.

  • Liquidity Pool
    $AVGL is the utility token that fuels the AVYC ecosystem.

  • Staking
    Every AVYC yields 10 $AVGL a day.

  • Ecosystem
    $AVGL applied in the online shop (sex toys), premium membership fee (Pornhub, JavHD), advertising and marketing payment (Exoclick, JuicyAds), tipping system(swag).

$AVGL To The Moon

$AVGL will be accepted as the advertising payment in avgle.com soon. The Advertisers need to buy $AVGL from you, the token hodler. $AVGL will be applied between our partners gradually.

The Pornography Industry is a $97 billion business in fiat, crypto currency is still in a blue ocean. $AVGL is the future!
Hold and Earn in the early stage before FOMO!
Let's capture the huge pizza, to the MOON 🚀 🌕

Online: $ 35.17 Billion

Global Online Porn Market was Estimated to be US$ 35.17 Billion in 2019 (source)

Industry: $97 Billion

The Pornography Industry is a $97 billion business worldwide in 2015 (source)

5% in $AVGL: $4.85 Billion

If $AVGL capture 5%, it is a $4.85 billion business. Your choice!


The girls can create NFT with ANGEL side and a DEVIL side, both sides can be image or video.
The devil side can be viewed by the NFT holder only. The NFT also include an unlockable feature, what can be unlocked? It depends on the girls.
The marketplace can list, trade and auction. The profit moves into the creator's wallet directly and immediately.

The platform includes an IM, the NFT holder can DM the girls directly. If the fans don’t own an NFT, they can buy a gift by using $AVGL to the girl. Once the girl accepts the gift, the door is opened.
This is exactly onlyfans and swag in the blockchain. What is the content or service you expect in DM?

What we like to change in the industry:
1. a decentralised platform for girls and fans
2. No commission, profit directly to girls
3. No cash out locked period

*This project was made in June by our team. The original plan is an NFT marketplace in BSC. We will revise $ANGL(bsc) and apply $AVGL(eth).


5% ✅

Liquidity Pool

$AVGL is the utility token that fuels the AVYC ecosystem.



Every AVYC yields 10 $AVGL a day. A day of hard work paid with a Nuru spa.



Member-Exclusive AVYC Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies.


Sandbox Lands

Buy a 3x3 land in Sandbox. 


ETH Giveaway

Special 10ETH giveaway for invite contest.



Build a JAV Park in Sandbox.


Sandbox Lands

Buy a 6x6 land in Sandbox. Build a JAV Empire.



Onlyfans-liked platform. $AVGL to buy and sell photos, videos. Use $AVGL to buy gift to girls.



2 themes in AVYC Casino:
🎟️ Lottery and 🎰 Betting Game.
Accepts $AVGL to bet



$AVGL applied in the online shop(sex toys), premium membership fee(Pornhub), advertising and marketing payment(ExoClick), tipping system(swag).


AV Loli Club ロリ

The AVLC (NFT Breeding) is debut. And we cook up new ways to loli with our friends.


Ultimate Giveaway

Ultimate NFT holder can redeem : Telsa Model 3 or 15 ETH

Unlockable Content

1 AVYC contains Unlockable Content: 

The ultimate NFT holder has 2 choices
1️⃣  Tesla Model 3
2️⃣  15 ETH

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